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By the products we deliver and the services we provide, we help ship managers to meet the demands on crew wellbeing on board. We offer a holistic approach, dealing with PHYSICAL HEALTH, MENTAL HEALTH and NUTRITION.


Our expertise is offered by way of sessions which can be organized during shore crew seminars or on board of ships calling in our working area. We can also offer tailor made programs in function of the requirements of ship managers and specific issues they are confronted with. Our health coach can equally visit ships and evaluate the crew fitness.


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We offer to the crew coaching sessions on nutrition and physical health issues they are daily confronted with. No theory, but practical tips and exercises in an easy to understand language brought by a professional health coach. Issues dealt with, among others, are the effect of a sea-environment on the human body, the importance of vitamin D, correct working practices and exercises to stay alert during watches. Physical exercice and the right way to work on gym equipment can also be part of the programme.



As much as 80% of marine accidents are due to human errors, many of which are fatigue induced.

A demanding workload and isolation from relatives and beloved ones inevitably leads to high stress levels on board, which on its turn has its impact on the efficiency of the crew and, ultimately, on the vessel’s safety.


Our health coach advises crew members on how to deal with fatigue and stress. Again, no theory nor procedural issues, the focus is on practical ways to increase stress strength and avoid fatigue. Attention is also given to practical barriers to social and emotional wellbeing, such as language and culture.


We can assist ship managers in designing fatigue management plans and in training crew members who can then coach their colleagues themselves.

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